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Unleashing Soundcloud’s unique potential

by | 12 Sep 2017

Dear Fred Davis,

For this last introduction to my work to relaunch Soundcloud on a 50% annual progression path, I would like to begin with a quick, albeit brief, observation of the evolution of social networks since their birth. Anyone in the age of having known it should not forget the striking arrival of Myspace followed by its disastrous dilution in the meanders of the Internet by lack of anticipation. SoundCloud, for its part, was able to propose a different model that seemed promising, but in terms of figures, we can see that it is suffering from the same symptom of loss of retention due to its lack of differentiator vision, whereas in the market, competition is already mounting fiercely. Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music to name but the biggest.


So the question persists, can a music social network be viable when all that matters is the race for profit by everyone?


The graph below shows a forecast of the evolution of SoundCloud in white dotted lines, initially without consistent intervention, leading to a result similar to the fall of Myspace. Then with an intervention such as the tendency would push it, at the risk of not bringing added value towards the competition and finally remaining at a limited level. Finally, there is the Pulsar Project’s approach, which aims to be resolutely innovative and even counter-current of certain habits and trends in order to completely revitalize the concept of a music social network, offering a way to build its brightest future we’ve only dreamed of since the digital age.


What kind of platform will be sustainable


Unleashing Soundcloud's unique potential




Let me now introduce you, still in a global and non-nominative way (NDA obliges), all the major functions that would compose one of the most accomplished musical applications for the next decade. By major functions we mean those of higher level and generally composed of multitudes of more particular functionalities.


User’s interest

During the public-needs study, 10 major functions were identified and subjected to their estimation. While the average results varied a bit organically by subject – see graph below, the most committed half of the participants in this type of product, who are those that interest us most, showed actually very encouraging results.

By making a quick comparison on the basis of these major features, we can see that Soundcloud currently holds only 4 of them, and even worth, without always excelling. A result that would therefore deserve a neat revision if observed with honesty. And by opposition, when we see the excitement that could be generated by the contribution of other functions correctly performed, even after reassessing their interest, it would be almost obscene not to implement them without delay.


Top level features or – functions – leading to retention


Unleashing Soundcloud's unique potential


Professional’s interest

The mock-up of the application was also presented to several music industry professionals to ensure the best fit with the market, and it seems Soundcloud has an excellent basis for meeting the needs of everyone by adding the suggestions made in the project.


> Testimonials from artists, labels, managers (but limited to some which don’t betray the content of the project – leaving thus a rather superficial feeling, I’m sorry about that):

“An awesome app to boost the promotion of any small band.”


Singer, La Chiva Gantiva

“ Pulsar brings together all good music stuff and recreates a more direct relationship between artists, labels and users.  An interesting approach in a digitalized connection era. ”

Floris Slootmans

Copyright Management, Sabam


Next steps

To obtain the rest of the information, including the interactive mockup of the desktop application, which is central to this work, I invite you to sign a simple yet dedicated NDA I’ll send you at your convenience, and that is suitable for both parties.

Therefore, apart from my own deposit that will serve as a dated reference for this work, I would ask you to do the same containing your strategic plans at all levels for the coming one or two years, and hold it confidential. In particular, we will mention the business model, the highest level functions and other sub-functionalities or features still to be modified or implemented and the illustrations of concepts already in progress. Even if these documents are intended only to settle a possible future difference to be avoided by all possible means, it is essential that this document clearly states your main strategy distinguished from possible alternatives, because it is only on basis of our objectives at the time of agreement that the difference will have to be settled.

In this way everyone will be covered simply and effectively for an open dialog.


Now you know everything I was entitled to say about the extent of this work and the seriousness with which it was approached. I can only spur you to choose the best strategic choice and, I repeat, gain valuable time by integrating the results of this exciting work, not to mention one or two crazy simple feature GAINS (solving pains / no pain = no gain) that would attract million users but which I bet are not in your plans.


Looking forward for your reaction, let me emphasize that you have nothing to lose and definitely everything to gain by continuing this exchange.

Sincerely and cordially.


Thibault de Changy

BRUSSELS – 0032 498 10 42 98 – [email protected]

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Unleashing Soundcloud’s unique potential

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