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How far is Soundcloud from its objective ?

by | 4 Sep 2017

Dear Fred Davis,

As new Soundcloud’s main investing person that you became recently, and well aware of the music industry rules, I am glad, as  music entrepreneur and Product Designer, to express my thoughts about the coming steps you and Soundcloud’s team are working on.


What to fix?

You are certainly working on monetizing the third or forth paid streaming app, with eventually some new ways to use it, and that is obviously fair. But, if so, whatever the place you figure that Soundcloud can take on that high pressure market, and that only hires me, it will probably not become the pioneer of its segment within next years when looking back to the first paid trial, or at least without engaging serious changes.
All I would like you to understand is that I worked – exactly until your arrival – on a highly enhanced user experience, and also a slightly different business model that would probably work even better to unleash the unique potential of Soundcloud. Let’s take a closer look on it.


Why did Soundcloud lose so much in engagement.


How far is Soundcloud from its objective ?

source : Next big sound


In fact it’s not only a model but a bunch of useful features that makes a twenty firth century app what it should be as a music app and network. It’s about two years thinking precisely about leveraging each user experience and creating new ones while looking to the market progress.


A bright future

In all humility I may have in regard of the music industry, I would say without a doubt that actual days have the best circumstances to make the biggest switch in music consumption and might influence it for an amazing period. Even last news from majors assume it. But things have to be acted now to avoid being over-dated within a few years, losing by  the way Soundcloud’s best cards.

That’s where your arrival might be the best chance for Soundcloud to get out of its troubles in the greatest way if you show your openness to wider approaches.


I can’t wait for your reply to go ahead and unleash this unique and gorgeous potential.

Let’s give Soundcloud, the bright future it is made for (Read part 2 for more detailed elements).

Best regards.


Thibault de Changy

BRUSSELS – 0032 498 10 42 98 – [email protected]

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