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Giving Soundcloud a 50% annual growth rate

by | 8 Sep 2017

Dear Fred Davis,

For this second chapter, let me begin by expressing my gratitude and relief for many of the artists and users who share this new chance you are offering to Soundcloud.


I informed you previously of the intense process that led me to finally submit the result of my work to build a music application offering still underestimated possibilities to date. It is also certainly no hazard that the end of this work coincides with this rescue I did not dare to imagine the urgency. But the facts are there, and the need for action to revitalize Soundcloud seems more imperative than ever.


Pick this advantage for a 50% annual growth


Giving Soundcloud a 50% annual growth rate


A community as center point

We don’t have time here to review the spectrum of my knowledge acquired during this work, but it goes without saying that Soundcloud has taken a very special place among the applications of musical discovery, and despite its relative stagnation in recent years, its potential has fortunately remained almost intact. It is more precisely, but not solely, in the unique musical community spirit that I’ve put a lot of my engagement. This makes the clearest reason why I ask you the opportunity to participate now, beyond any other personal project, in its evolution towards an ever more complete musical experience.


Making SoundCloud an attractive product & business

Let’s now put more emphasis than in the first presentation on the vast potential that my proposal could bring to Soundcloud. Let’s therefore quote the subjects of this work in a non-exhaustive and not too detailed way to give you at least a brief overview:

– first of all, let’s mention: the use, but also significant improvements, of the current SoundCloud functionalities for a quick transition between interfaces;

– a complete overhaul of the interface and user experience with the addition of countless features, counting clearly missed opportunities from the whole music world since a decade, that are -currently- part of the privacy elements, and I can assure you that imagining the match of those many features will make your fiercest competitors pale (see more in chapter 3);

– all this allowing to follow the user at almost every moment of his musical consumption, and much more will be revealed at this level during the presentation;

– a monetization with several incentive levels inspired by the best practices, and which should be the key to a successful recovery, for the greatest joy of all (users, artists, labels, majors and investors); … all this to boost the users’ retention and attract more of them with a product of superior quality.


Don’t get me wrong, I promise you an inspiring experience. See also the Profit & Loss forecast below based on the project’s retention capabilities and its business model.


Applying missed opportunities in the whole music world


Giving Soundcloud a 50% annual growth rate


Time is invaluable

I beg you, give yourself the opportunity to benefit from my two years of research-and- development to meet the needs of many current and future users. Two years that you can take advantage of today to reap the desired benefits and whose risks are insignificant when faced with slow action in a universe that you know is fierce and rapidly changing.


Finally, rest assured Mr. Davis, that I am fully committed to the cause of this great project, which I repeat, is very close to my heart. Beyond the economic considerations that we will be able to discuss openly, participation in this project would be especially great to make use of my best skills, a reward for my commitment to this multiple passion, linking music, design and entrepreneurship.

If, like I am, you are as passionate about music as interested in a business that has all the reasons to bounce back, let’s take a meeting at your convenience in Berlin or New York, and you will be able to judge for yourself the quality of this project which only awaits your approval.

One last detail that could reassure you about the daring approach of the project, this last one might be realized in a first stage in parallel with Soundcloud to measure mutual benefits while reducing the risks you could perceive.


I wouldn’t go any further to convince you of the merits of my approach.

Looking forward for your reaction to continue this exchange (read part 3 for last important details).

Sincerely and cordially.


Thibault de Changy

BRUSSELS – 0032 498 10 42 98 – [email protected]


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Giving Soundcloud a 50% annual growth rate

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